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Our Services

We pride ourselves on offering a number of quality services to help make your home or business waterproof.



Here in the Bay Area, we are prone to to water damage from rains and humidity.  We offer waterproofing to several different areas of your home to help keep moisture, mildew, and damage away.  Whether it's your deck, floors, driveway, attics, or crawl spaces - we've got you covered.

Epoxy Flooring

Not only is epoxy flooring gorgeous, but it also helps to protect and weatherproof the concrete in your garage, driveway, kitchen, or industrial space.  Contact us today to hear about all our epoxy options and get a free quote.

Deck Coatings

Prevent your deck from all the damage and decay that comes with age.  Our specialists use only the best sealants to assure that your deck is protected so you can save money on future repairs and damage.

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Paint Roller


Over time, your concrete will develop cracks and will show other signs of aging.  Our professional concrete sealers are different from the conventional grade at your local hardware store.  Ours bind on a molecular level, so instead of lasting a couple years, it can last up to ten years.  We help keep your concrete healthier for longer, and at a cost-effective price.

Vapor Barriers

Crawl spaces can often be the moldiest spaces in your home.  They are also susceptible to rot, and animal infestation.  We transform your crawl space into a dry and clean area using moisture barriers and insulation.  


You may not know it, but Painting is for Much more than adding a Pop of Color to your home. Painting Projects will seal all dry texture on the surfaces of your home, and protect your surfaces from damage. In addition to a creative touch, painting projects have a whole lot more to offer, to protect your space.

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