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Renovated Building

Project Testimonials

Deck Coatings

"Five Stars! Wow! Beyond My Expecations!"

"Five Stars! Wow! Beyond my expectations! So glad I went with this group to do this project! I was recommended Nick at Elite to help recoat my deck, and I am SO happy with the result I was given. They were so quick to always respond to me, And when it came time to do the work, they were in and out, and I was left with a beautiful deck I could walk on the next day! No issues! Highly highly recommend Elite if you are looking to spruce up or fix any decks or patios you are trying to get redone!"

Patricia K.
Lafayette, CA

Epoxy Flooring

"Definitely Give Them a Shot!"

"I love my new Garage! Who wants a plain garage with the typical oil-stained cold concrete? I am so happy with the work Elite Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring did on my garage and Im actually surprised with how Easy it is to clean. One of my worries with Epoxy was that it might be too slippery but Not At All! It actually feels much nicer than the Concrete I had before and it has a good grip to it. I have yet to have any problems with my Epoxy Floor. I know some Epoxy Floors yellow over time but I am happy mine is still clean and durable, and I really think these guys know what they are doing Definitely give them a shot!"

Eric G.
Walnut Creek, CA

"Encourage Everyone to Give Them a Try!"

"I work with a District who recently had some Renovations done at one of our Schools, and Elite Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring was in charge of remodeling the floors in some of our Restrooms. They look Beautiful! Super-Duper Cool! I had never seen Epoxy Floors before this, and I just think it's so neat! I am actually in the process of talking with Nick and his team to install something similar to my Garage at Home! So glad I got to meet them! I hope for the best with this business and I encourage everyone to give them a try and see how neat these floors are!

Noel E.
Alameda, CA

"Thorough Job While Also Being Reasonably Priced"

"Elite Waterproofing was recommended to us by someone in our neighborhood. We wanted to get Epoxy in our garage. Nick and his crew at Elite Waterproofing were fantastic. Everyone on his team was professional and really took care of our home as if it was their own. They did a thorough job while also being reasonably priced. If you want a team of folks who are reasonably priced, do a great job, and get the job done- you have to check out Elite Waterproofing."

Jeanne N.
Livermore, CA


"FANTASTIC Painting Work!"

"I was looking for a Painter to help add some new flair to a Home I had just bought. I have worked with Nick at Elite Waterproofing before, super nice guy, and I want everyone to know that on top of being great for Waterproofing & Epoxy Floors, they do FANTASTIC Painting work! Super efficient and easy to work with! I love my House and the painting work they did on the inside and outside make me love it even more!"

Steve F.
Pleasanton, CA

"Better Than I Imagined!"

"SUCH A GREAT JOB! Everyone who's seen our house since we had it painted has been LOVING IT! PLEASE! Give Elite Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring a Chance!"

"Everything looks so Nice and Better than I imagined! And I'm Picky! Lol. Honestly, I was looking for Things to Point Out, because I am Very Particular and Detail Oriented, but So are these guys, I was Blown Away! NO Complaints! Thank you! Thank you! Thank You!!!!"

Olga R.
Orinda, CA


"What a Great Team!"

"I was the GC Project Manager for a Project we had the privilege to hire Elite Waterproofing & Epoxy Flooring on. What a Great Team! From the Office Staff to the Field Guys, to Nick himself, all amazing, organized, smart, and fun people! Although they were only a Subcontractor in charge of a section of this work, I found myself turning to Nick throughout the Project to help with some questions I had. I can tell just how long Nick has been in this business because the help he was giving me, would have taken me weeks and countless e-mails to barely get the info he gave me, from just a simple chat. Can't wait to work with Nick on many future projects to come, and I have a very positive feeling that their name will continue to grow and become recognized throughout the Bay Area." 

Jeremy M.
Antioch, CA

"Punctual and Professional"

"We needed waterproofing done on the foundation of our home. We continued to have issues even after we had it fixed by another company. After getting several quotes, we found out about Elite Waterproofing and I am so happy we did. From our first interaction, I was impressed: they were punctual, professional and really took their time.  We have not had any further issues since they addressed the waterproofing. Not only that, but we needed some other work done on our home and Nick and his team referred us to some other people that were able to get the work done. Elite Waterproofing did a great job. They are a one-stop shop and I highly recommend them."

Lindsy J.
Lafayette, CA

Caulking / Joint Sealant

"The Real Deal!"

"I work close to these guys and was looking to have some touch-ups done to our office. All it took was coming down and talking with Nick and we planned and finished this project so fast. These guys are the Real Deal, something so small but no matter the project, this team takes it seriously and youll be happy with their work. Loved getting to meet their staff, so quick and responsive, organized, and flexible with working with us! Compared to what we were looking at before, this bit of patchwork makes a world of difference. Highly recommend Elite!

Derek S.
Antioch, CA

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