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Epoxy Flooring - Residential AND Commercial

Many Homeowners, Schools and Commercial Businesses are now looking to Modernize their spaces, with Epoxy Floor Systems.

The benefits of Epoxy Floors are countless. Easy to Clean, Durable, Weather Resistant, Waterproof, and the list goes on!

With many different colors and textures to choose from, Epoxy Flooring could be your next Solution!

Deck Coatings

Whether your Deck is located on the Water or not, it is Always Important to make sure they are properly Waterproofed and Coated. It is surprising the amount of Damage that can be done overtime even due to the Smallest Amounts of Moisture.

Our Deck Coating systems are designed and properly installed to ensure the longevity and durability of your Home Decks. If you have any questions about this system, or would like to hear more, Please Contact Us! We are always Happy to Help!

Traffic Coatings

If you have a Walking Surface outside your Home or Commercial Space, that is unfinished Concrete or Plywood, you may need to install a Traffic or Deck Coating system to Prevent Weather Damage.

Any Moisture allowed to enter your exposed surfaces may cause Cracking, Splitting, or other Major Damage. A Traffic Coating system is designed to seal these paths, and our team of experts is trained and experienced to provide a nice textured surface to protect the durability and beautiful finish of your space!

Concrete Underlayment - San Jose, CA

     Whether your home is sitting on a bed of Fresh Concrete, or the existing slab is showing signs of wear-and-tear. If you are looking to install ANY kind of new flooring or level an existing floor, you might want to consider adding an Underlayment System first.

An Underlayment system, is simply a clean, level layer of Concrete meant to withstand, and protect the existing slab of your home. Any flooring applied directly to the foundation of your home can be subject to all weather and erosion damage that comes below the surface.

Underlayment systems provide a clean, reversible slate to apply your systems to, while also adding a layer of protection to your floors. This is usually not a final covering and Most of Our Waterproofing and Flooring systems will be applied over top of an Underlayment system like this one. 

Interior/Exterior Painting - Contra Costa County

     Homeowners seeking to raise the Value of their home, entrusted our team with Painting and Re-finishing the Interior and Exterior of their Beautiful Pleasant Hill home.

They were surprised by the beautiful, clean work we were able to provide, and we are proud to associate our name with the work done.

If you are looking to reinvigorate your Home, add a touch of creativity, or ownership, Painting can be the most rewarding, quick and easy solution for you!

Contact our team for your Quote today!

Fountain Waterproofing

Waterproofing is an Important Step in all Building and Construction Projects, Especially when a Water Feature is the Focal Point. 

Making sure your Fountains and Other Concrete Projects are Waterproofed will always ensure the strength and longevity of them. Before the Finishing Tiles will be applied to this Fountain, Adding a coat of Waterproofing, installed by our experts, will establish a barrier between the Concrete and the Water and Moisture the Fountain is constantly built to hold.

Caulking / Joint Sealant

Serious Water Damage can happen anywhere water is allowed to enter your Concrete Surfaces. Joints in Concrete along the walls of your home or business need to be sealed properly to ensure water is repelled and not able to seep inside.

If you are concerned about any seams in your home, or are experiencing any water damage along your walls, feel free to give us a call! Our team of experts have the knowledge and training to properly install the correct system that will repair damages and prevent any future moisture from entering your home or business.


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